Cooler Shelf (ON SALE on picture)

DUMB QUESTION NUMBER ONE (Now there IS a dumb question..):

Have you ever ruined anything in your ice chest/cooler from melting ice or condensation build-up in your baggies?

Chances are you landed on this page for that VERY reason. You're searching for the "soggy-sandwich-solution"....


How many products out there can pay for themselves in one use?

If you calculate the price of the food items you've ruined, and figure the cost for Cooler Shelf, you will find it could pay for itself in a single use.

CLAIM NUMBER ONE: "COOLER SHELF could pay for itself in one use".

Chances are you never got a food tray with your cooler purchase and up until now, have had very few options. You have one now. COOLER SHELF!

Did you lose your plastic food tray? Is it cracked and ruined? Are you tired of it sliding around? Dumping into your cooler? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION: COOLER SHELF.

Since the new COOLER SHELF fastens to the walls of your cooler in semi-permanent fashion with a velcro system, it will not slide around, it will not fall into your cooler, and since it is made of nylon mesh fabric, it will not crack and fall apart. It should last as long as you own your cooler.

As ice chest accessories go, Cooler Shelf is that must have solution. Our Cooler Shelf for ice chests will protect all your food from ruin and has been tested extensively in many different environments so you can be sure it will do the job.

Thousands have already found this out!

Our replacement tray can also protect your bait from ruin too if you happen to enjoy fishing.

It is ideal tray for organizing your Igloo/Coleman ice chest as well.

Whether you own an Igloo, a Coleman, OR a Rubbermaid cooler or ice chest, our replacement part, Cooler Shelf, will fit any one of them.

Going camping? Our replacement food tray, Cooler Shelf!

Going fishing? Protect your bait with Cooler Shelf!

Going tailgating? Cooler Shelf!

Going on a picnic? Our ice chest tray, Cooler Shelf!

If you decide to purchase one of our Cooler Shelf's, PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS for installation. It will be well worth your time.

RV Fridge Guard (click on picture)

These are not lies:

1. EVERY RV owner loses the chill in their refrigerator when they open it!

2. ALMOST EVERY RV'er has had food items topple out of their RV Fridge.

THIS ALSO IS NOT A LIE: RV FRIDGE GUARD, a new RV parts and accessory, will keep ALL of your items on the shelving and will help keep the cold air INSIDE your fridge!

Made of clear plastic vinyl, RV Fridge Guard acts as a thermal barrier helping to retain cold air.

RV Fridge Guard has three separate openings which can be open and closed separately, allowing you to only have to open the section where your object is, keeping the remainder of the opening sealed.

Each section has a flap that opens downward, which will aid you when loading and unloading, and is sealed via Velcro latches. The bottom apron will allow access to your crisper without any latching system.

With three sizes to fit 6 cu. ft to 12 cu. ft., RV Fridge Guard was developed to fit the majority of Norcold and Dometic refrigerators.

So if you're tired of losing your CHILL and want to stop the SPILL, RV Fridge Guard IS the solution! Try one.