A Reason to Buy

(Jay from S.Dakota): I've two of these cooler shelves and couldn't be more satisfied. The shelf is easy to install if you study the instructions that accompany the product. I got the medium size and both work perfectly in two separate coolers. Your food stays out of the ice and water and they can hold a ton of weight without a problem. I've had at least ten pounds of product in them without any problem. Good product and a great seller. ____________________________________________________________

John, Wanted to let you know that I used my cooler shelf this past weekend on a camping trip. I actually put it in a 28 qt cooler. It worked great!! My butter didn�t float and everything that was in a baggie stayed dry. Also it was so nice to be able to find simple items like the Hershey bars and Gogurt yogurt and not have to fish around in the cooler for them. What was interesting to me was that the ice lasted longer on the items that were on the shelf, yet nothing was soggy. I�ll probably order another one later for my larger cooler. What a great product!! I plan to pass the word on to other friends and family. Thanks again, Sherri


We went camping for the weekend with our new cooler shelf and LOVED it! There were four families with us and they all went the website to get one for their coolers! We kept our fruit and lunch meat on the shelf to keep it out of the water that collects at the bottom of the cooler. Ingenious idea thanks so much!!!!!



Hi John, spent all of last Saturday on the water out of Ventura. Rough seas; actually 4-6' with white caps in the channel. Had the shelf in two ice chest's on board and they held up just like they should.

Had sandwiches' and some snack stuff in the shelf with ice and water underneath and didn't get the food wet!

Nice to have a dry lunch even with the ocean sloppy! Thanks, "you didn't slice the bread, but you keep the sliced bread dry"




I have used the smaller model this weekend. Kept the sandwiches off the ice and away from the bait. Will put my larger model in the 72qt cooler when I go offshore later this month. Had a friend on the boat and he was impressed.

I will spread the word. Don


Hey John. It actually worked pretty well! I was glad to be able to keep things cool and but not directly on the ice or in the cold water. I would recommend it!




This Tray System is awesome, I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks a lot!!! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I used the large cooler shelf in my cooler this summer for a week straight in the Nevada desert. Held up perfectly. Thoroughly impressed. I will pass the word along. - Randy


The cooler shelve is made from with nylon mesh and strips held together by velcro.It is well made and should last a long time. It has replaced the plastic shelve that manufactures did supply with a new product.It will keep food cold and dry in your cooler.I am very pleased with the product including fast delivery. Don Bodjack


This one from Dean Smith in Georgia (2/25/2011):

I have a 94qt Igloo marine cooler and got the large shelf with the divider. The velcro tape is the strongest I have ever seen and the adhesive is crazy strong. This thing is the bomb. I put a 10lb weight in it (downrigger ball) and trailered the boat back to the storage facility about 15 miles away and it held it just fine. The shelf is made out of a really strong net, almost like a SUPER heavy duty window screen, which I like because if some water or an ice cube gets up there, it will drain just fine, unlike a cooler insert that will hold the melted ice against your sandwiches.

Another great use for this would be in your bait cooler where you would want to keep rigged bait out of the ice water and on a shelf ready to go. Once installed, it isn't going anywhere unless you want it to come out. The stitching is heavy duty, the vinyl is heavy duty. Everything about it screams heavy duty and I anticipate many years of satisfied use in the boat.

The customer service is great and shipping was really quick, 3 days, from California. I give it two thumbs up. If you don't want another soggy sandwich or a place to keep pricey bait out of slushy wet ice, this is your solution!

Like they say, �build a better mouse trap� and it looks like you have!




3/28/31: We have been using the "cooler shelf" by Christar's for several months now and have been nothing but satisfied with this product. It is a "cooler shelf" that fits inside your ice chest that keeps your food up and away from your bait or vice versa. It attaches inside the ice chest by velcro and is easily taken out and cleaned when necessary. Comes in different sizes (fits up to 120 qt, I believe) and is great for picnics.